Christiaan in Japan

I asked to Slingshot to send some team rider to Japan. I got an answer from Jeff Roberts

that SS will send Christiaan.@He also sent e-mail to Christiaan

gReady for Japan? Seigo is really cool, you will have fun, but I told him to work you hard. He is about three times your size, so don't talk back! ; O.h

Hey Jeff!! Maybe Ifm 1.5times bigger than Christiaan but not like 3times.

We had struggle for find cheaper airplane tickets for him anyway I have to pay whole trip therefore I need it.(Sales tax of Holland is very high. Japan has only 5 percent)


I arrived to Okinawa A.P. a little earlier than Chriatiaan. Okinawa is located very south of Japan just near by Taiwan.@It suppose to be warmer but I need a sweater at this time.

I came back to A.P. again after picking up a rented car. He was late to receive luggeges as usual but we both found each other through A.P. window. We always have a little anxious for arriving at foreign countries especial almost nobody speaks our own language or English. I see team riders sometime look a little worry in case nobody shows up at Japanese A.P.  Ifm here.

We were in Okinawa for gkite festivalh which is organized by National rider Tomaru-kunfs shop gKite Clubh. He moved his shop to main city gNahah two years ago. This is my first time to visit his new shop. Good shop!!

After we set up boards at the beach we went to have dinner together. It was the first time for Christiaan to use chopsticks. Food of Okinawa is very different from main land of Japan. They have special Sake(Awamori),They eat goat as Sasimi(row meat), Special noodle(Okinawa-Soba).Atsuyo-san(Tomaru-kunfs wife)ordered all kind of food for Christiaan to try.

He tried everything even Awamori(Strong Okinawa Sake). Normally he doesnft drink any liquor at all just drink Coca-cola.

After this night his food problem started. He was shocked to see people eat rice in the morning. He was shocked to see people eat fermented soy bean(Natto) and Sea Weed(Nori).Hey Christiaan, you have been eating fermented milk(Yogurt) every day with serials too.

We had a practice on 18th and had competition on 19 to 20th.He and 4 Japanese national team riders showed their best tricks at demo.

We had two parties between this competition. He was shocked again because Japanese competition party is not dancing and music. Mostly those are dinking parties. After party people go Karaoke(singing room) mostly.

He was shocked because he thought Karaoke is not suppose to be sing in small Karaoke room. It had to be in front of other audience at restaurant. Christiaan, this is original one though!!

After this event we flew from Okinawa to Komatsu A.P. then start to move central area of main island of Japan. In between he found his favorite food which is Taco-rice at Okinawa. This one is unusual food for Japanese. He surprised Japanese are making big noise for eating noodles. Culture shock still continue.

hHappy with Taco-ricehat Oinawa Air port.

We just stayed one night at my house then we moved to near by new Naogya airport.We visit another national SS team riders Mori-kunfs shop Air Junk. Unfortunately no wind condition and all people there had flu. We planed to stay Mori-kunfs beach shop but we escaped there because we are scared to catch flu. Japanese people wear masks if they had cold or flu. Christiaan thought strange.

Next day we and Air Junk clew moved to world famous windy Omaezaki.FUEL5 was not arrived this moment Christiaan ride by Fuel7 but it was totally over powered. We moved to East 20min.It was less wind but still good for 5m kite. Nearly 10 people ride together. Christiaanwas still over powered to show handle passes or kite loops.

Next morning we moved from Shizuoka to Chiba. On the way we drove from Yokohama to Chiba by using under water tunnel to bridge. He was totally impressed because Tokyo is way bigger than he thought. We arrived to Futtu on time. Wind start picking up after we arrived.@It was very cold at Futtu temperature difference between Omaezaki is about 10 degree Celsius. He puked about 10 or more times. May be he is too tired for traveling with big Japanese guy in the same room, cold water, un-known food and un-used chop sticks. We canceled dinner with Real kite owner Kaneko-san and his customers. Just ate small dinner then slept early. We took room separately first time in this trip. Christiaan was happy with sleep over. I was happy to not to listen he is writing to his girl friend. Oh I have to invoice to Christiaan for big telephone bills. Those call all to his girl friend. Christiaan say gLove is beautifulh I say gLove is blindh. I had bad experience at Korean windsurfing world cup. I could take $4000 prize money. Then I spend 1/4 for telephone bills to ex-girl friend who was in Japan. Older man knows.

Next morning, we were totally new men. We start to drive to Niigata prefecture for snow kite charity event. That snowkite area had terrible earthquake last November. We planned to organize Snow kite event to people to stay that town Ojiya and spend a little bit of our money at there. I had bad experience which is Russian tanker sunk at my area Mikuni-Fukui then heavy oil polute the ocean. I had very hard time at that point. But after then I had more problem like a body blow (which means effect later).Nobody came to my town because people thinks sorry to us. That is absolutely wrong, people have to make their own money for living. Not from charity money. Thatfs why I organized this event. Christiaan surprised the depth of snow and contest area is huge flat area where even you can see horizon. We sat up tent with volunteers for competition.

Next day we woke up early in the morning I jump on to Christiaanfs Futon to make him wake up. Poor Christiaan couldnft eat breakfast because totally Japanese traditional break fast which is Rice, Sea weed (Ifve been saying this. Thatfs why Christiaan doesnft eat it. Itfs dried laver.) and fish. He ate yogurt and serials as same as every day. After set up tents and had competition meeting. Itfs start browing. Christiaan looks a little worry because this is his first time on snowkiting. Every body expected him to super well. He went to virgin snow.

Snow –shoes are worked great for set up lines. Photographer Endo-san didnft wear it at first point. May be he lost 5kg of his weight. He used later on then he says what was effort before wear these. He loved so much so he took this shot.

Tomaru-kun & Christiaan

Tomaru-kun(Kite Club owner) came from Okinawa for this competition after his organization. He arrived at Ojiya early this morning. Kaneko-san (Real kite) pick him up at the airport. Most of people are the first time on trying snowkite . But they got used to it in 15 min. People start to try what they can do on water.






Wind keeps good. I couldnft stand without kiting. I took new Machine 17.5 and join with their sessions. I made this competition as self judging system which is every competitor and audience vote one who is best of all day of sessions with comment. One reason to take this method is I want to kite together. Judges doesnft need to be stuck in this cold weather all day in the tent.

 Here I am (^^)

After this we had First Aid training about an hour. I was a instructor.(Ifm teaching for Japan Red cross as volunteer.).Christiaan tried CPR with dummy doll. I told him this necessarity happens to your closest family mostly. He seems he thought about his girlfriend. Then we had drinking and eating party again. We opened a ballot box of day. Tomaru-kun was best voted of this day. Comment of those areg He is totally black, I@canft figure out face or back, Any way he was besth hHe is always sleeping when he is not kitingh. We had party until late.

Next day, Wind was very strong. We couldnft stand tent properly.

After wind get less strong. We had more sessions.

Wind stopped during 2 ofclock. Christiaan kept digging hole. He and kids kept digging since first day of competition. They made 3 big holes and connected together. They use plastic sled and send somebody down then crashed in there.

Wind didnft pick up again. We start prizing earlier than we scheduled.

We drove back to my house. Next day, we went to museum of my town. I show him the story of a Duch engineer stayed at my town. Christiaan could read his diary and understood more. That engineer is father of Essen who is well know by illusion art.

 We went to famous Zen temple gEiheijih. They have special course for tourist to experience a day as a monk. I asked him to be in there but Christiaan scared to in.

I tried to wear shinier clothing than Christiaan. Anyway those are out trend or too far front of trend.

with my wife.

After sight seeing days we back to work which is visiting shops. One day before he leave from Japan. I released him at Kyoto. He looked a little bit worry. But it seems OK.

Before next time you come, practice more Japanese food. Youfll enjoy more.