Are you still bending your kite tip?

Nowadays kites have quite high pressure in the bladders. I believe Ifm not the only person who worries about folding over the wingtip which is super stiff when you launch by your self.

It will be all right if you have helper. But if you are the last person after you have helped other people launch and there is nobody to help you or if you have been enjoying kiting until dark then nobody on the beach to assist you to land.

Here is new way of self-launching and self landing.

First step: Prepare about 4 sand bags which is almost your weight. One scoop of sand is almost 1 kg. If your weight is 90 kg you have to scoop 90times.Please donft put all your weight of sand to one bag. Because you wont be able to move the sand bag position if the wind direction changes.

Second step: Attach one end of and extra kite leash to those sand bags then the other end to chicken loop rope which is located above the kite bar. If you have Slingshot adjustable ball on your bar above it is best. If you donft above adjusting cleat is good too. Important matter is no tension to chicken loop because you have to hook your harness to there. Also this position helps to not over power.

Third step: Stand your kite to Edge of window. It will itself. If gust came it will go forward and if wind get less strong it will come back to real edge of window itfs self just like you are fling kite at neutral position.

Fourth step: Back to your sand bag and take the kite bar. Hook your harness to chicken loop then walk back opposite to kite. Slightly raise your kite to neutral position then unhook sand bag leash then attach your kite leash.

Good thing about this method is you can land your kite. After enjoy on the water just come back to the sand bags and attach the sand bags to the leash then make Fourth step to first step back words


If wind is not strong enough, kite will not stay at edge of the window. You can launch kite from center as same as rum air kites. Just put sand on trading edge. Kite should be down wind. Pull the chicken rope from your de-power system. It will fly to neutral position. Youfll be pulled to down wind but not further than your kites launching position.

Landing to down wind is as same as rum air too. Grab both floaters of your bar then bend them down as same as four line sports kites. You can hook chicken loop to that sand bag leash until you walk to your kite.


Those methods are works great if you are alone. If you have helper assisting launch and landing is always better.

Please enjoy kite safely.

Seigo Akado